The Healthy HideOut

Welcome to our beautiful tranquil “Healthy HideOut”. We look forward to you visiting with us and enjoying this delightful Crisp Comfortable Retreat.

This is a small intimate retreat option for you. Do you want to rejuvenate, rest, restore, reboot, repair. Or do you want to gather yourself, unpack, clear out, create, visualise, journal, write.

This space is for you.

  • We will support you here with private, quiet space. Supply all Detox and cleansing nutrition. Or if you want to have a vegan retreat with food. We supply Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Vegan2Go, Smoothie2Go.
  • Optional: Massage to support flushing all that you let go of.
  • Life Coach Lynda: Unpack, process and release all that is ready
  • Meditation: Learn to meditate or practice meditation with Life Coach Lynda
  • Art: Express outwardly what is appropriate for your process in full colour.

This is a tranquil space, we encourage quiet and gentleness.

The Minimum is 3 day detox and cleanse journey, fully supported by Life Coach Lynda. The braver can commit to up to 5 days.

We are a pet loving community, we will be keeping them at a distance so as to respect your space while visiting us. We do not mind if you bring your fur friend, the little one must be on a lead and well behaved.

It is all a work from the heart in progress.


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