Detox & Cleanse Retreat

Is Life Living YOU? Instead of YOU Living Life! Let’s change that…

Come and rejuvenate, rest, restore, repair at our Lovely Healthy HideOut in Linden, Randburg, Johannesburg.

Book this Crisp Comfortable space to do the healing that is regularly needed, from the inside out.

Crisp & Comfortable

The cost of this delightful retreat includes ALL nutrition. You will be doing a profession detox & cleanse with Life Coach Lynda using “Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Vegan2go, Smoothie2Go”.

There is nothing better and more authentic around.

No huge prices…just shear quality over anything else.

We all need to dare to disconnect from the external world, which will make it possible for you to reconnect with YOUR own TRUE Magic.

We find ourselves more than ever before realising how disconnect our world is! A journey within is the only way to ground yourself within yourself and be able to be present and powerful in the chaos!

Hit the pause button and come home to yourself on a GUT LEVEL.

Did you know that it is one a GUT LEVEL that you are built or broken. Your authentic power is at this core of you.

So it is time to opt out, find yourselves, shed a few pounds, work out a few messy thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Heal from disappointment and pain. Just simply drop into a space of self love and forgiveness. ReDesign You from the inside out!

This is your space.

Professionally supported by LifeCoachLynda you will step by step feel supported loved, heard and held!

Over and above the daily charge of R1200 which covers your accommodation, as well as all nutrition for the detox and cleanse, you will get a 30minute session with Life Coach Lynda on arrival.

Then there is an option to book the following supportive session:

Deep tissue massage therapy. This will support the flushing of toxins moved within the detox not only on a physical level, also emotional, mental and spiritual. A minimum of one session is encouraged.

Life Coaching with Lynda: A very powerful and empowering space to invest in. Here you get to unpack and rebuild. How wonderful…There is nothing you cannot unpack here with Life Coach Lynda. Take the opportunity to CLEAR OUT and LET GO! One session is encouraged.

Meditation: Learn to meditate or be taken on a deep guided meditation journey by Life Coach Lynda

Ceremonial Cacao session: This is a beautiful ritual saved for the end, where you will be taken through a sacred letting go, a beautiful grounding, and released into your new journey of abundance and joy.

Ceremonial Cacao Beverage

Art: Art is a wonderful way to express and get out of you and let go of that which is no longer serving you. It is also a blank canvas to design and express your NEWNESS.

For detailed pricing and info please email and we will communicate with you there.

Stay Blessed