Why The Healthy HideOut

The Healthy HideOut was born because we know that a space like this is NEEDED. Crisp Comfortable and affordable. Most retreats are hugely expensive involving long distance driving or flying. We want to offer something special and local (yes you can fly in from anywhere) However everything about our retreat is authentic and accessible.

Come and heal, reboot, restore, repair, rejuvenate, recreate yourself from the inside out. You are worthy of this gift from YOU to YOU!

Lynda; founder and owner of Evolved Mind and Body Worx, is a qualified and experienced health practitioner, and has been in the industry for 20 years. Specialist Sports massage therapist, deep tissue functional massage. Life Coach, Nutrition. Creator of all products offered at The Healthy Hide Out. Life Coach Lynda will fully and professionally support your detox and cleansing journey.

Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Vegan2Go, Smoothie2Go, Let’s Get Pasta & Saucy.

There is a demand for Vegan focused cleanse that is truly healthy, and we have your health at heart.

We are focused on health, and so our Vegan health product range, is made with your GUT health in mind and heart. It is at your GUT LEVEL that your health and vitality is built or broken.

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between your GUT HEALTH and your mental emotional and physical health.

Let’s get healing you from the inside out!